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Panic Pack

Panic Pack Mini: On-the-Go Relief

Panic Pack Mini: On-the-Go Relief

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Essential Oil Scent

Panic Pack Mini, your compact companion for instant relief from panic attacks, anxiety, and stress, wherever you are. Designed to be sleek, portable, and discreet, this mini version of the original Panic Pack includes all the essentials to help you manage moments of panic with ease.

Just like the original Panic Pack, our unique selection of items has been specifically chosen to stimulate each of the 5 senses and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and calmness. The Panic Pack Mini provides a simple, effective way to manage panic attacks and reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on your life. It's fast acting, convenient, and best of all, portable. By engaging the senses, the Panic Pack Mini aims to help users calm themselves and feel more relaxed in a moment of panic, stress, or anxiety.

Inside the convenient carry bag, you'll find two instant cold compresses for quick cooling relief, a single bottle of our carefully selected essential oil to soothe your senses, and a supply of sour candies to engage your taste buds and shift your focus away from anxiety.

Just like its predecessor, the Panic Pack Mini includes a QR code, granting you access to a curated Spotify playlist filled with calming sounds and podcasts to promote mental well-being on the go. Plus, an instruction sheet ensures you know exactly how to make the most of each item in your mini panic relief kit.

Streamlined for simplicity and effectiveness, the Panic Pack Mini offers the same powerful relief at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're at work, on the go, or in the comfort of your own home, trust the Panic Pack Mini to be by your side, ready to help you find calmness and relaxation whenever you need it most.


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